Hi, I'm Brandon.
I mostly break things (sometimes on purpose). I like this new blockchain stuff (which I hear was invented by a woman named Merkle, while she was sitting under her favorite tree). I love to travel with my wife (who wishes not to be named - but you can find her on twitter @erinlh1) and I think my dogs are old enough now to take care of themselves.

About this Web Log

I woke up one morning and realized the internet wasn't complete without my opinions polluting it. So, I quickly got out my laptop, plugged in my phone line, dialed AOL, got distracted and forgot that I was going to unleash my thoughts into the world wide inter-web. This cycle continued for several years until finally … tada.

I have big plans for this web log (or blog as the cool kids say), but mostly I just want an excuse to give my money to the cloud so that electricity can be converted into data, which will be transmitted to another cloud, where some other system will analyze my text to decide what advertising they should display on my phone, all the while I'm pontificating how to solve world peace in 140 characters (or is it 280? I can't remember).

So, if you are a real human being reading this, thanks for dropping by. Take a look around and feel free to connect.


PS. If you haven't noticed the sarcasm, do not continue.

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(Full disclosure: I am trying to drive traffic and minimize my bouncing rate)

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