I really enjoy reading (this attempt at a blog is my half thought out idea that if I like reading I must like writing - I'm probably wrong). I spend the majority of my day consuming information in all forms (plus I have an overactive imagination, so I get completely consumed in overthinking the information I'm consuming).

My reading habits change from day to day depending on the activity I am engaged in (leisure, work, research, hobby, figuring out how to annoy my wife with some half thought out world changing idea I read from someone else and decided to pass it off as mine).

Sometimes people ask me where I get my information from ("people" is the operative word in that sentence because I think only one person has ever asked me that - thanks for indulging me Mom).

During any given week I will have read several technical papers (so.many.technical.papers.); a public company quarterly report (read: open PDF, read first page, read last page); reputable blogs that try to provide unbiased or (at least) factual based perspectives - fake news does exist but not like a certain someone tries to claim. It isn't binary, it is poorly researched, gossip-based content with a singular purpose of driving traffic); jurisdictional regulations and guidance (yes, I know, boring, but I can't stress the importance of knowing the rules of the game you are playing); link aggregating websites and at least one book (usually an analog book, I prefer the experience of a book to a kindle). I rotate between fiction, history, politics and business.

I decided to put this page together, so I can bookmark my sources of information (and, in the very remote chance that maybe someone else is interested). The lists below are sorted into categories of speed of consumption (Note to self: please keep this list updated as times change and content dies).

Link Aggregators (also known as half thought out opinions)

  • Twitter - The place to go to validate my idea can be summarized in less than a sentence.
  • Hacker News - Where everyone is the smartest person in the world - sometimes it gets awkward.
  • n-gate - an accurate representation of hacker news self indulging malarky.
  • Reddit - If HN is where the smartest people go, Reddit is where … everyone else goes? Reddit can test your patience and you have to dig into some of the subreds.
  • TheCodeProject (newsletter) - they really get me.

Semi Informed Opinions

Smarter people than me (doing smarter things than me)

Real News


Books (Read or sitting on my bookshelf)

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