This will be short and sweet, basically I'm not a fan of tools. I don't like add-ons, extensions or anything else that promises to save time, improve efficiency or make my life easier. Everything can be done with keyboard shortcuts at an OS level - spend some time setting it up.

With that in mind here is my setup and the minimalist tools I use to get stuff done:

  • I use all Operating Systems, I like them all and they all serve different purposes - Windows, macOS & Linux (debian & kali); I have a separate computer for each but they are all installed as VMs on my main laptop (MacBook pro 15).
  • I've used both Android and iPhones - I sort of got tired of iOS always trailing Android features so I use a Google Pixel right now
  • Mobile Service - I travel so much that using Google FI is by far the best global mobile service I can have - it is hands down the best service on the planet (it also dictates that I have to use a Google Phone … it's an easy choice - global data accessibility trumps hardware)
  • Headphones - all Bose, all the time - Wired, Bluetooth and noise cancelling. All other headphone are gimmicks or just crap music listening experiences.
  • I've recently moved from two 23" monitors to one 32" curved monitor - I like it a lot more

On to the software

  • I run everything as minimal as possible.
  • IDE: Webstorm & Visual Studio
  • Textedit (non-rich formatting), Notepad and VIM
  • Browser: Chrome, Safari & Edge (it's not such a bad browser) - I hate firefox
  • Adobe products for all things graphics & photos
  • Spotify for music (no Jay Z for me, his loss)
  • Communication is a huge spread: Whatsapp, Skype, Telegram, Hangouts, Keybase, Gmail, Outlook, FB Messenger (although I don't like it)
  • Encryption: KeyBase
  • I'm not going to talk about crypto wallets or expose which ones I use publically (but I will say if you are not running a full node you are not in control of your assets!)
  • Bash & Powershell - I can't tell you how much time I spend here
  • Docker & VMWare
  • C#, Node, Python, React, Angular (v5000? Geez, they are releasing new version every other day) - I don't build native apps, nothing I've ever built for mobile has required it

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